A short story based on Lemon Tree song from Fools Garden. “I wrote this one to conquer my fear and in the process, I made peace with myself.” – ShashiK. I THE JASMINE TEA There was a sweet fragrance in the air; the wind was neither too cold and nor too warm, just apt to … More LEMON TREE


Thanks, Leonard Cohen for writing and singing the path-breaking song- ‘Famous Blue Raincoat.’ Thanks, Albert Camus for writing path breaking quotes which shaped Leonard, Jane, and Noor.   A short story by Shashi K.     I LETTER-1 February 1, 2016 4 A.M. To, L.Cohen Do you remember the way she used to make a … More NOBODY’S WIFE

Anshulika Dubey

I love the term ‘feminist’ and ‘feminazi’. A feminist wants everything equal for men and women whereas a feminazi wants to do every wrong which a man does.They demand equality without rationale. Feminism is a great concept but now I would not like to call myself a feminist because its dimensions have changed. It’s becoming … More Anshulika Dubey