Anshulika Dubey

I love the term ‘feminist’ and ‘feminazi’. A feminist wants everything equal for men and women whereas a feminazi wants to do every wrong which a man does.They demand equality without rationale. Feminism is a great concept but now I would not like to call myself a feminist because its dimensions have changed. It’s becoming … More Anshulika Dubey

Shruthi Baskaran

“People often associate stability with some kind of physical stability, in whatever way they want to define it. But for me, stability is a constant state of motion. I feel stable when I feel that I have something to look forward to. So, in that sense, stability becomes the opposite of stagnation. When I feel … More Shruthi Baskaran


The ability to believe in lies is one of the most important foundations on which human civilisation is living. Come on, after all 80 percent of people around the globe believe in God and they have drawn strength from it! Krishna is currently working as an academician in Delhi-NCR. He hails from Bhopal, and is … More Krishna

Janani Srinivasan

Traveling helps you to overcome random fears. Some people feel awkward to sit and eat in a restaurant by themselves. Especially girls, I have spoken to some and they say it feels odd. Why? Are they scared of being judged? Janani Srinivasan is a a true liberalist who believes in making constructive changes in the … More Janani Srinivasan

Let’s Converse

The world of words is majestic, it is a powerful way to voice your opinion and share your world of thoughts with others. The one who is able to express his/her mental expression in words is the blessed one. Often the meaning and power of words is lost in its transit, and to preserve the essence … More Let’s Converse