Thanks, Leonard Cohen for writing and singing the path-breaking song- ‘Famous Blue Raincoat.’ Thanks, Albert Camus for writing path breaking quotes which shaped Leonard, Jane, and Noor.   A short story by Shashi K.     I LETTER-1 February 1, 2016 4 A.M. To, L.Cohen Do you remember the way she used to make a … More NOBODY’S WIFE

Janani Srinivasan

Traveling helps you to overcome random fears. Some people feel awkward to sit and eat in a restaurant by themselves. Especially girls, I have spoken to some and they say it feels odd. Why? Are they scared of being judged? Janani Srinivasan is a a true liberalist who believes in making constructive changes in the … More Janani Srinivasan

Let’s Converse

The world of words is majestic, it is a powerful way to voice your opinion and share your world of thoughts with others. The one who is able to express his/her mental expression in words is the blessed one. Often the meaning and power of words is lost in its transit, and to preserve the essence … More Let’s Converse