Half of ‘You’ is not Enough

He was free, free in every way, free to behave like a fool or a machine, free to accept, free to refuse, free to equivocate; to marry, to give up the game, to drag this death weight about with him for years to come. He could do what he liked, no one had the right to advise him, there would be for him no Good or Evil unless he thought them into being.

– Jean-Paul Sarte

Credits : Magic4Walls

Cyan, Cerulean, Turquoise, Indigo, Peacock, Lapis… different shades of one colour: vivid, timid and exclusive. It gives us immense pleasure to indulge ourselves in mastering different  variations of a colour. The game of white light and its reflective perceptions; some shades are darker, the others are happier. And so is your life; the daunting question is: which shade of you is the maximum of yourself?  The most cliched, haunting and debated question of the humankind is still unsolved, posing an intrinsic look and asking you: “who are you?” The ship of Theseus is sailing in the silent waters, trying to show you the direction of achieving more of ‘you’ within ‘yourself’. The ship tells you that you were born to be yourselves, you were raised to go in the perpetuity, and to reach there ‘Half of ‘You’ is not Enough!’

Existentialism is a philosophical theory or approach which emphasises the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.  This is one of the most complex theory in the philosophy and interestingly a part of each one of us. A passion for ‘living’ life flourishes inside everyone. The ‘call’ to live life is same for everyone. Some follow the call with fervid passion running blind behind projected materialistic success with an aim to make their lives extraordinary while other follow the same call in an aesthetic way that reflects the uniqueness and  extraordinariness of their lives.

Ah! that heavenly feeling of wanderlust and the urge to just run away… far from the ‘half of you’ to ‘almost you’. No inorganic actualisation, all of you within yourself! Now you contemplate the situation, Darling, I know you have grand plans this vacation or of your old age; the plan to discover ‘full of you’, where you can find the most individualistic shade of the colour. But, present, this moment, is the only reality you have. Don’t fear the consequences. We are instinctually driven to get more – more money, more success and more stability but we ignore the same instinct when it drives us to explore ‘more’ of ourselves. We were not born to skim through various identities in a lifetime with an aim to achieve an urging orgasm of ‘More’ materialism. We never bother to dig enough into our own thoughts and reflections. Soon, the agenda driven ‘To-do lists’ becomes our only priority and self-discovery is pushed deep down in that list.

Self-exploration could be tough but it does not come at much too high a cost. Ask yourself questions and notice things that give you self- realizations because ‘Realization is the first step to Recovery’. It might be hard because introspection could bring back some daunting and painful memories but we need to do this. Don’t live ‘half-a-life’ by avoiding to remember things that make you weak in your knees. Stand tall and face what haunts or confuses you, think about it, try to understand how you felt and why. Stereotypes will tell you that in order to achieve success and reach your arduous goals, you should become an ice-cold stone and stop feeling things that you should. It is true. It works but go for it only if you are ready to live a half-life.

A major part of our thought process is built by the forms and meanings that we attach to our thoughts. Thoughts have evolved from instincts, and further evolved into thought process. Sometimes thoughts that are relatively neutral and non-compelling transmute into something entirely personal and therefore extremely compelling. Freedom from impersonating thoughts is only possible if we are aware of our thought process at the time when that impulse arises. The impulse which arises usually when you are walking in a park, or maybe along a lake or amidst the trees and thoughts are swirling in your mind – sometimes a tornado, sometimes a peaceful breeze. If you are aware enough not to attach meanings and images to every reverberation that happens within us, you will achieve more of yourself.

Self-exploration is what makes us understand what we know about ourselves, who really we are, things that we are attached to, things we resist, where do we want to see ourselves, what are we gifted with and how can we share it with the world. The questions that we ask ourselves ignite a curiosity within and illuminates our psyche. It develops an intense urge for self-development by experiencing the unknown, confronting unforeseen challenges, and the desire to leave behind the depressive feelings of guilt. You have the answers to all your questions, and if you don’t then find them. Let the Ship of Theseus travel fearlessly to different voyages and your last destination will be the perpetuity!

– Prakhar (Writer), ShashiK. (Editor)

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche


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