Let’s Converse

The world of words is majestic, it is a powerful way to voice your opinion and share your world of thoughts with others. The one who is able to express his/her mental expression in words is the blessed one. Often the meaning and power of words is lost in its transit, and to preserve the essence of these words, we express it in different forms, for say, some convey their pain through photographs or gumption through a loud whoop. Our way of expression is to have an intense conversation.
Often in a midst of casual conversation, people get a great business idea or they fall in love or they find solutions of complicated problems, hence it is just simple exchange of words that shape up our thought process. It is hard to relate to stories of extraordinary people in extraordinary situations, but much easier to get inspired by the consistency of courage and hope of ordinary people which they display in their ordinary situations. Reading books with which one can connect themselves or getting inspired by the conversations of ordinary people have always proved to be the major stakeholder of our thought process.
Grey Talks is about ordinary people and their struggle. Through Grey Talks, we attempt to have conversation with ordinary people and indulge in to their experiences with sorrow and happiness. Words spoken from one’s mouth has several interpretations and as we have mentioned before, words lose their meaning in its transition. Through ‘grey talks’ we attempt to have a light yet intense conversation with ordinary people about their life and struggles and ensure that the essence of the conversation is not lost in its transition. We attempt to write words as they are spoken. The ideology behind publishing casual conversations with random people is to dwell in to their story. Grey Talks is not an inspirational blog, neither we claim to change your world in 30 days. Our only and sole aim is to connect people through conversations. We are not ready with the synthetic interpretations of people and their stories rather we are preparing a raw dish to be garnished by you according to your taste preferences.
We, the urban earth habitant live in a secluded and melancholic world, where we are so engrossed in our own bubble that we often fail to make a humane connection with others. We tend to find escape from our bubble by indulging  in to weekend camps or holiday vacations but unfortunately such occasional escape hardly caters our thought process. 
It is understandable if you think why one should take time and read a casual conversation with some random person? The deal is to celebrate ‘rawness’. Everyday encounters with random people can change lives, if one make them happen the right way. It is about taking notice of who is standing behind you in the queue, or sitting next to you, waiting for the same flight, or buying the same book that you are buying. It is about going beyond the online relationships and engaging in real life conversations and believe us – they have unlimited potential to enrich your life.
Using our conversations we are not focusing on an image to be portrayed rather we are taking out the nude and raw personality of a person with which readers can connect, inspire and aspire. Our generation is full of defeatists, where people have accepted their personified images, through this blog we attempt to bring out the thoughts of a real person about life, about what brought him where he is now, about the ideas that they have or maybe how they look at a particular situation. We attempt to bring out the ‘real’ person. Conversations help. Yes they do because every human is unique. By gaining different perspectives and talking out, it helps us to understand the complexities of mind and what it really means to be a  human.
             –Shashi K., Prakhar.
P.S. : The idea is to publish a conversation with people whom we meet on regular basis and get something edgy out of monotonous exchange of words. These conversation will dwell into their personal arena exposing their ‘rawness’ to human emotions. We will soon update our first conversation with someone amongst you as our first blog post.
Blog image credits : https://kurtwootton.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/melva27sart.jpg

4 thoughts on “Let’s Converse

  1. I absolutely think such conversing is the most apt thing to do. People’s struggles and stories make you realise that your problem is a human thing.


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